About Double Happiness Gifts

What is the "Double Happiness" character?

The Chinese often use ideograms, a symbolic equivalent of words which carry emotional and psychological meaning. The Double Happiness symbol is a popular and beautiful ideogram composed of two standard Chinese characters for happiness “xi”, side by side.  The pairing symbolizes a double dose of happiness and luck, in both love and career, to everyone around it.

Double Happiness Gifts

Double Happiness Gifts is Hong Kong’s premiere home & gift site, with a wide selection of gifts to choose from -whether to create a wish list for a wedding or baby shower, or just to buy a quick gift. Our partner brands range from some of the world’s leading brands to boutique independents. Our gifts span a range of categories- providing you the best in kitchenwares, tabletop, appliances, home décor and general or corporate gift items, from high end luxe to everyday basics. Whether its gifts for setting up a new home or layette from scratch, to finding unique ideas for someone with who already has everything, there is a gift for everyone on Double Happiness.

Our gift registry service is the only one of its kind in Asia which allows you to completely custom tailor your gift list for your needs and your lifestyle.  Register gifts for your wish list for any event or occasion from our specially curated selection of products from leading brands and shops, receive cash or charity gifts, AND also list gifts from any source, anywhere in the world.  Now all the gifts you wish for can be covered in a single registry list for all your friends and family around the world to access.

We also have a wide range of unique wedding favors, custom label wines, and offer custom sourcing services for all your gifting related needs.

With operations in both Hong Kong,  Singapore, and Mainland China since 2004, we are Asia’s most established online gift registry service, and e-shop.  By opening a gift registry with us, you’ll be able to choose from:

Once you select the gifts you'd like to receive, choose to have an optional personalized event website to go with the gift list.  Announce your list to your friends, and we'll manage the rest for you, liaising between your guests, and yourselves.

Planning services here in one place

  • great selection of gifts from over 80+ brands and merchants to build your gift registry wish list
    • your own personalized event website to announce & share your event
    • an online RSVP system for communicating with guests
    • a wide selection of unique party & wedding favors for your event
  • a resource guide for planning your wedding or baby shower

Give by Receiving Gifts of Charity

Double Happiness Gifts’ registry also allows you to receive gifts donated in your name to your favorite charity, in conjunction with traditional gifts on your wish list. Registering a gift of charity is a wonderful way to let friends know that you would welcome a donation gift made in your name for a wedding, birthday, or other special event. The gift might provide a child his first book, fund an hour of cancer research, or help reduce our air pollution.

Gifts for all occasions

You’ll find a wide range of gifts on our website to create a gift registry wish list for yourself, or to buy a gift for someone else. We have a vast selection of online gifts amongst many categories and price points,

plus Corporate Gifts & Premiums, and Wedding & Party Favors.

A vast selection of online gifts to find and send a quick gift

  • Gifts for weddings, corporate, housewarmings, birthdays, baby showers, Mother’s Day and more
  • Wines & spirits
  • Gift baskets & gift vouchers
  • Corporate Gifts and Premiums
  • Wedding & Party Favors

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