Waterford John Rocha Black crystal champagne flute pair


Item No : 135499

Color : black crystal

Size : 24.5 cm, 2 pcs

Material : ---

John Rocha Black Cut glass by Waterford Crystal is a unique statement Flute Champagne Glass. The clear diamond cut band offset against the black crystal bowl exudes style and quality.
The Black Cut Flute Champagne Glass is ideal for drinking your favourite Champagne, Sparkling Wine or Cava. The elegant tulip shape allows the bubbles to gently effervesce.
John Rocha is the name that evokes simple elegance and clean, contemporary style and vision. John Rocha was born in Hong Kong of Chinese and Portuguese descent. He studied fashion in London during the 1970,s before moving and settling in Dublin Ireland during the 1980's.
His affinity with the Irish way of life lead to his glass design collaboration with the Waterford Crystal factory. The earliest John Rocha crystal patterns of Signature, Geo and Black Cut Crystal are still the best selling quality wine glass patterns we stock, moving from contemporary masterpieces to become Waterford Heritage crystal.
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Waterford John Rocha Black crystal champagne flute  pair