Custom Gift Sourcing


Need a gift which you don’t see elsewhere on our website?

Double Happiness’ custom gift service can help you find the perfect token for every occasion. Whether you're looking to order in quantity of 1 piece or in the thousands, just give us your gift brief- and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Is there something your imagination has conjured up that you’d really like to have on your gift wishlist? Let us source it for you and have it added to your list.
  • Are you looking for a particular gift item that is not currently sold anywhere in Hong Kong or Singapore? Let us source it and ship it in for you.
  • Looking to match a party giveaway to your event theme? Be it a cultural themed wedding, a black tie formal event, a silver wedding anniversary, a baby’s 100 days party, or a school fund raiser, we can create or source just the right item for the event that is personalized and uniquely yours.
  • Is your company looking for a unique promotional giveaway, gifts to reward employees, or gifts to thank your clients? We can help customize a meaningful gift, made to your specifications to fit your exact message and marketing goals.

Some examples of custom gifts:

  • Sourcing of particular wines - from a single bottle of an exceptional rare wine, to wines by the case. We work with some of the best wine purveyors in Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Switzerland and the UK to be able to find the wine you are looking for.

We have helped source wines of vintages to match birth years, unusual large format wines, and boutique wines which currently have no distribution channels in Asia, for example.

  • Personalized label wines for corporate or personal giveaways
  • Unique ‘experience’ gifts for someone who has-it-all already – from art classes to adventure seeking, wine tastings to spa treatments, let us help create an experience gift for a memory sure to always be treasured!
  • Artworks
  • Gifts from brands which are not currently available in Asia to add to your wedding gift registry or to send as a gift.