How Our Registry Works

You can have a registry live in just minutes!

1. Register and Create Your Gift List Online

Create a registry - Just fill in a few relevant personal details and select a password for your account.   Add a personal touch to your gift list with an optional photo and message to your guests.

Select your gifts - Then select gifts directly from our website catalogue. Your gift list is live and ready for purchases from this point, but you’ll also have options for adding other types of gifts.

  • Visit our partners physical shops or their websites for access to infinitely more gift items *
  • Select a premade gift template as a base, and add/delete gifts to customize
  • Add a cash Wishing Well fund* towards anything you can think of- Honeymoon fund, furniture fund, college education fund for baby, etc..
  • Add gifts of charity*
  • Add non-merchant gifts* from any shop anywhere in the world
  • Ask Double Happiness to help you source something special *

Edit your gift selection at any time throughout the registry process.  We also have a HOLD function* to suspend ordering of any particular gift until you confirm it in case you are not sure of the gift. The amount of the gift will remain in your credit account until confirmed.

* Find out more about these features

2. Create an optional complementary personalized website

Choose to create a free personalized website as a ‘cover’ page to your gift list, making it easier for you to share your event with your guests. You will be able to add details, text and photos about the event and yourselves, use our RSVP tool, and link directly to your gift list. See a sample. You can choose to add this personalized website on at any time throughout your registry, but we do recommend that if you plan on having it, that you complete it before announcing your gift list.

3. Announcing your Gift List/ Website

Once your gift list is ready, let your guests know!

You can announce your registry:

  • On Facebook directly from our site
  • With announcement cards ordered from us to insert in your invitations (cost is refunded to you at close of registry)
  • By including your direct URL link on printed invitations, or by email

4. Purchasing

Now leave it to us while your guests purchase from your gift list. We will manage the registry process for you and liase with your guests if they have queries on products or payments.  You can access your registry home anytime by logging in to your account.  There you have access to all functions of your registry- manage your gift list, update your personalized website, view purchase history, view card messages, and track rsvps.

5. Closing of Your Gift List

Your gift list will remain open for a further 14 days after your event date to accommodate any last minute purchases by your guests.  The list will no longer be viewable by guests after it is closed.

You may self purchase any gifts remaining on your gift list at a 15% discount. (Excluding non merchant gifts, gift vouchers, cash gifts, gifts of charity, and electrical appliances.)

6. Receiving Your Gifts

You will be contacted by Double Happiness shortly after the close of your gift list to confirm delivery details. We aim to deliver all registries in a single consignment roughly 4 weeks after the date of your event. Please note that we make every effort to have your gift items ready during this time frame, but in certain instances there may be delays due to import/ordering times of certain gifts, or stocking situations from our Merchants which are beyond our control.

One consignment delivery is offered complementary for all gift lists to all Hong Kong addresses, with the exception of Tung Chung and Outlying Islands.

7. Thank Your Guests

Using our Purchases Summary function, you can download to one document all the information you need to write your thank you cards.

8. Lifetime Account

When you create an account with Double Happiness, it doesn’t close when your Gift List closes.  You can open multiple gift lists for running at the same time, or at different times, for all the important events in your life.  For example, create a Wedding Gift Registry, then when you begin a family- a Baby Registry, then years later -a Vow Renewal Ceremony list.

You will receive special and exclusive offers from time to time for registrants only.