Join Hong Kong’s premiere home and gift site, Double Happiness Gifts.


Join our partner merchant network to offer your products to our customers in our online gift catalogue. Being part of our catalogue increases your brand visibility and gives you another ‘shopfront’ for showcasing your products.

Gifts must made available for delivery in Hong Kong.   

Please contact us for details on showcasing your products:


Our registry services provide a host of benefits to our partner merchants: 

  • Joining Double Happiness allows your shop or brand to instantly offer your own clients a gift registry service, without having to allocate any of your own resources to its operation.

  • For shops with existing gift registry services, we broaden your registry appeal as we allow our registrants to combine all their gift selections from different shops and sources into a single registry. Our gift registry service is the only one of its kind in Asia which allows registrants to completely custom-tailor their gift list for their needs and lifestyle.  Our registry offers them special features like a complementary personalized event website, RSVP function, partial payment function for their guests and more.

  • We manage the registry process on your behalf from registration of gifts straight through delivery of the gifts.

  • As gift lists are available 24/7 through the internet and we accept payments online in multiple currencies and payment methods, our services are ideal for overseas guests of our registrants. Joining Double Happiness increases international (as well as local!) exposure for your shop or brand, translating to increased revenues. 

  • Best of all, there is no fee or upfront costs to join our network!

For more details on joining our merchant network, please contact us on