Here are some of the special features that you’ll find when you register a gift list with us:

1. Combine gifts from many sources to one gift list

Select from our  incredible selection of online gifts, or visit and choose gifts from our 80+ partners’ physical shops or websites. Add on a cash Wishing Well fund, gifts to charity, or gifts that you want to add from any shop anywhere in the world.

Our gift registry offers you the most choice and flexibility for guest selection.

2. Choose to have a free personalized event website with each registry. The personalized website includes:

  • An RSVP function, where you can track how many guests are attending, and any comments you would like them to make (food choices for example)
  • A photo gallery
  • An event details section, where you can share all the relevant details of the event with your guests
  • A direct link to your registry page- allows guests to access your registry gift list from your personalized website.

3. HOLDING gifts

Registrants have the option to HOLD any gift (excluding cash or charity gifts). If HOLD is selected, the gift will not be ordered when it is bought by your guests. The amount of the gift given will remain as credit in your registry account to be allocated at the close of the registry. Registrants often opt to HOLD a gift to ensure they have been given all parts of a set before confirming, or if they would like more time to decide on the gift. HOLD function, allows you to HOLD ordering of the gift if you are unsure if you really want the gift, or perhaps . If you decide against ordering the gift that has already been bought for you, you may use the amount as credit towards other gifts from any of our merchants. Your guests don’t see whether or not you have put a HOLD on a gift item.

4. Partial payment option

for higher value gifts.  All gifts over $1,500 HKD, or $ 250 SGD shall automatically shall be shown on your gift list with our Partial Payment function. Guests may contribute any amount towards this gift from $1 to the full amount of the gift. This gives you the option to include higher value gift items such as furniture, artwork, chinaware settings, and large home appliances for example, that a single guest may not normally be able to purchase for you. Guests are happy that they can contribute an amount they feel comfortable with, and multiple guests can contribute towards one higher value gift, without having to coordinate amongst themselves to purchase the item collectively.

5. Access to your account

any time to access all functions of your registry- manage your gift list, update your personalized website, view purchase history, view card messages, and track rsvps.

6. Create multiple gift registries under one account

Multiple gift lists can run concurrently or at different periods in time for different life events. You might want to create different gift lists for family vs. colleagues for example.  Or after getting married, open a gift registry when its time for your first baby shower, or for a housewarming when moving.

7. Registrants receive special offers from us

Registrants receive a 15% discount to complete their gift lists at the close of the registry, and receive a lifetime discount for all future purchases from our website (except for gift vouchers, electrical appliances and experience gifts). You’ll also periodically receive special offers and invitations to exclusive sale events on our site.